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  • GPS Tracking Solutions

    GPS Tracking Solutions is an industry leader in providing tailored fleet management solutions and offers revolutionary technologies, advanced support and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your fleet.

  • GPS Mobile Tracker

    GPS Tracking Solutions has a new addition to its family of products,
    it is extremely small and universal in the mobile tracker field.
    This GPS mobile device allows the user to track it live on the web IQ software.
    The user can set up four telephone numbers as well as a panic button on this device.

  • GPS Garmin Interfacing

    GPS Tracking Solutions has the ability to link up with a garmin unit. This giving the user the ability to schedule drivers on the most economical routes. User to driver communication directly through the garmin and web IQ software.


GPS Tracking Solutions biometric system provides you with complete control over your fleet vehicles, allowing you to manage your drivers and vehicles proactively rather than through standard reactive practices.

We are only vehicle tracking company in South Africa that offers access to vehicles using biometric verification i.e. fingerprint identification and confirmation. Fleet costs are
all decided by driver management and we let you know exactly who is driving your vehicles and how the vehicles are being driven.

Our research has shown that the way in which your vehicles are driven will determine fuel costs (30% of total cost), accident costs (15% of total cost), maintenance costs (8% of total cost), residual values (7-10% of total cost), replacement vehicle costs and the cost of loss of productivity.

These estimates are based on base levels derived from our many years of industry experience and active management of a fleet of 44 000 vehicles.

How do we use Biometrics?

Biometric verification allows you to identify who is driving your vehicles by identifying employees through their fingerprint.

Simply scan in each authorised driver’s index fingerprint using the scanner we provide; the scanned fingerprints are then stored in a secure database offsite.

Fingerprint identification eliminates the need for vehicle identification tags which can often prove unreliable in determining who was driving a particular vehicle at any given time. Instead, with biometric verification, your vehicles cannot be driven if the biometric unit in a vehicle does not register a match to any of the fingerprints in the database.

Our biometric verification system is the first in-vehicle identification method available in South Africa and it’s simply an extension of the fleet-specific technology we use to ensure that you enjoy complete control and easy management of your vehicles.

Registering, deregistering and changing drivers is quick and easily managed, and multiple drivers per vehicle can be registered for pool vehicles.

How can biometrics save my business money?

To properly manage your drivers, you need a holistic view of their performance and driving behaviour; we can provide that.

    With biometric verification, you will always know:

  • Who is driving your vehicles at any given time
  • Which drivers have incurred traffic fines

Passive vehicle identification tags identify just the vehicle, not the driver; anyone in possession of the tag can drive your vehicles.

Unfortunately this system is easily abused; tags are typically registered to a specific driver to operate a specific vehicle and/or vehicles linked to the tag and an authorised driver can simply gave the vehicle identification tags to anyone else.

Vehicle identification systems prove to be effective only when strictly managed by a disciplined manual procedure, costing you management hours.

GPS Tracking Solutions’ biometric driver identification solution effectively replaces the need for passive driver identification tags, and ensures complete driver accountability which means that you always know who is driving your vehicles.

In turn, by knowing and having an accurate record of who was driving the vehicle, you are also 100% compliant with Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) requirements and are able to easily keep track of your vehicles and driver transgressions.

Don’t risk having your AARTO licencing account blocked as a result of unpaid fines and prevent your business from incurring losses due to an inability to operate.

Speak to us today and get our biometric driver verification system for your fleet.

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