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  • GPS Tracking Solutions

    GPS Tracking Solutions is an industry leader in providing tailored fleet management solutions and offers revolutionary technologies, advanced support and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your fleet.

  • GPS Mobile Tracker

    GPS Tracking Solutions has a new addition to its family of products,
    it is extremely small and universal in the mobile tracker field.
    This GPS mobile device allows the user to track it live on the web IQ software.
    The user can set up four telephone numbers as well as a panic button on this device.

  • GPS Garmin Interfacing

    GPS Tracking Solutions has the ability to link up with a garmin unit. This giving the user the ability to schedule drivers on the most economical routes. User to driver communication directly through the garmin and web IQ software.

Geo Fencing

Control the area your vehicles can operate in and maximise your vehicles’ and your staff productivity by creating a geo-fence: a virtual boundary within which your vehicles can operate.

    By creating a geo-fence you determine the areas your vehicles can travel. These could include:

  • Specific suburbs
  • Mining areas
  • Airport zones
  • Specific provinces
  • The areas where your business is generated from
    • Simply upload the geo-fencing rules into the software or plot the boundaries from online maps and limit vehicles and/or drivers to specific geographical locations.

      As the vehicles are all monitored via GPS, should any leave the geo-fence boundary, you will automatically by notified as soon as it happens.

      Benefits of geo-fencing

      Determine the areas that you deem productive and GPS Tracking Solutions will ensure that your vehicles stay within these boundaries.

      Avoid having to search through reports to trace your sales teams’ steps; our system will proactively alert you via email and SMS if the vehicle travels outside of the geo-fenced zone. An SMS will also be sent to the driver alerting them of their transgression.

      With no effort or manual intervention by you, geo-fencing is an innovative way to:
      Improve the behaviour of your staff
      Monitor your employees’ actions during work hours and identify unauthorised travel
      Increase the productivity of your employees
      Reduce your fuel bill
      Maintain control of your vehicle ensuring its productivity

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