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GPS Features

Proactive fleet reporting

We know your time is valuable which is why we offer you the ability to view reports and for your tracking technology to actively manage your fleet.

Our fleet reporting software is proactive and has been developed as a user-friendly interactive platform. You will have complete control of your fleet and our technology will provide you with the information you want when you want it. Standardised fleet management data includes:

  • Vehicle identification
  • Driver identification
  • Departure times
  • Time spent stopped
  • Location or name of zone
  • Trip distance
  • Driving time
  • Average speed during the trip
  • Maximum speed during the trip
  • Virtual odometer and idling time

The standard reports cover all the general aspects of fleet management but, in addition, we also provide industry-specific reports. These include:

  • Activity into specific areas of interest and no-go zones
  • Selections of a period that a vehicle was used
  • Trip information per stop
  • Date and time of all violations
  • Device entries including serial numbers, virtual odometer readings and fuel tank readings
  • Driving analysis statistics based on a selected period
  • Speeding profiles over a selected period
  • Stop information, street addresses and position co-ordinates

These reports are created dynamically as the fleet and vehicle data is processed, which means that the reports are automatically available; just request them.

As an added feature, all vehicle-specific information is available in real-time when accessing our system online: simply hold your mouse pointer over vehicle icon’s displayed whilst you are viewing the vehicles movement on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Route replays and reviews

In the event that you need to review the route taken by your driver to verify delays or plan a more efficient route, our technology facilitates this. Replay any vehicle route or review the route on a map of the area with detailed, accurate trip information.  Valuable information and confirmation of events is provided quickly and accurately, leaving no doubt as to the events unfolding on vehicle routes.

Reduce the cost of accidents

You need to ensure that you are adequately covered by accident insurance because no matter how well your drivers are trained and how careful they are, at some point one of your vehicles will be involved in a road accident as other drivers may not be as careful.

GPS Tracking Solutions technology alerts you when incidents such as harsh braking occur and gives you second-by-second data, ultimately reconstructing the event for you.

Optional impact sensors will give you an indication of crash incidents as and when they happen. Our technology can be optionally activated to automatically transmit data to designated parties, in events such as:

  • Impact
  • Harsh braking
  • Unsafe driving angle or movement of the vehicle

Using real data as proof in third party claims instead of relying solely on witnesses, you can proactively manage your drivers and meet the requirements of your insurers, saving you money and protecting your vehicles.

Roadside assistance

GPS Tracking Solutions offer you support and assistance where and when you need it by supplying both assistance and panic buttons as an optional extra, installed to specification.

These units will route a signal to your designated provider which may include the 24/7 roadside assistance call centre operated by MyAuto, our sister company.

Assistance will immediately be dispatched to the distressed vehicle’s exact GPS co-ordinates. This ensures that your drivers can obtain roadside assistance when required without relying on mobile phone access or other expensive radio devices.

Driver’s licence and vehicle licence management

Management and administrating drivers and vehicle licences, if not controlled, can result in unnecessary administration frustrations and losses. But ensuring that your vehicles and the drivers of your vehicles are appropriately licenced for appropriate categories of vehicles, in line with road traffic legislation, is critical to your business.

And we can make the process easier for you.

Licences and Public Drivers Permit (PDP) expiry dates of your vehicles and drivers can be easily uploaded into our system and automatically managed and controlled, reducing the administration burdens associated with the control of these, as our automated reporting service will prompt you to obtain the required licences well before they expire.

Garmin Interfacing

GPS Tracking Solutions has the ability to link up with a Garmin unit. This giving the user the ability to schedule drivers today for tomorrow, and send drivers on the most economical routes. This also allows the user and driver to communicate to each other directly through the Garmin and web IQ software.

Prevent unlicensed fleet usage

Through our biometric driver identification technology, we can ensure that a vehicle cannot be driven by any driver whose licence has expired or who does not have the correct licence type for that category of vehicle.

The biometric technology will recognise if the driver’s licence has expired or if it is invalid for that vehicle category and the vehicle will fail to start.

Innovative, tailored solutions

Being a solutions-driven company, our objective is to customise our offerings to meet your unique requirements.  We will work with you to ensure that the functionality you require is provided.

An example of this was the tailored service we developed for one of our largest users: they needed to be in contact with their technicians on the road and be able to identify the person that was available and closest to the point of business.

We developed the needed functionality specific to their requirements and as a result our technology now communicates directly with Garmin devices.  With this capability you can also easily provide route information from any computer or mobile devices to the Garmin device.

This ensures that your driver is guided with detailed road maps and route alerts ensuring productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of your services to your customers.

Industry-specific solutions

Different industries need different solutions and we take pride in developing the solution you need to create a holistic service offering tailored to your business.

That is why we design specific solutions for our clients: from ensuring the delivery of bread in remote locations to providing a management and metering tool for taxi businesses, we look forward to helping you use your fleet better.

SARS-compliant log books

Avoid timely tax calculations and use a SARS-approved online log book that is automatically compiled and emailed to you weekly.  You and your drivers can confirm private and business trips proactively.

Additional inputs

We are not only able to manage your vehicles; we can manage the valuable cargo you transport too.  Our technology allows you to:

  • Set alerts on the security locks of the cargo hold
  • Set alerts for temperature variations in your refrigeration unit
  • Set alerts for trailer disconnections
  • Monitor your drivers with in-cab cameras
  • Plug in transponders
  • Monitor fuel gauges in real-time, showing you how many litres of fuel is still in your vehicle.

No matter how big or how small we will develop a solution that works for you.

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