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  • GPS Tracking Solutions

    GPS Tracking Solutions is an industry leader in providing tailored fleet management solutions and offers revolutionary technologies, advanced support and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your fleet.

  • GPS Mobile Tracker

    GPS Tracking Solutions has a new addition to its family of products,
    it is extremely small and universal in the mobile tracker field.
    This GPS mobile device allows the user to track it live on the web IQ software.
    The user can set up four telephone numbers as well as a panic button on this device.

  • GPS Garmin Interfacing

    GPS Tracking Solutions has the ability to link up with a garmin unit. This giving the user the ability to schedule drivers on the most economical routes. User to driver communication directly through the garmin and web IQ software.

Commercial, Manufacturing and Medical

We recommend our Advanced Differentiator Series solution for the Commercial, Manufacturing and Medical industries. This collection of fleet management products are based on these industries’ needs of reducing fuel consumption, identifying and authenticating drivers, and preserving vehicle integrity.

These business requirements are met through:

Differentiator – Fuel

This solution, which comprises automatic idle shutdown, speed governing, fuel consumption and remote immobilisation, lets you control your fleet by implementing fleet-wide operational rules remotely through our web-based software while also allowing for vehicle-by-vehicle control and administration.

This allows you to change the applicable speed and idling limits in real time as and when required. Additionally, all fleet-related data is captured live and is accessible from our web servers.

Differentiator –Tag 

Quickly and easily identify your drivers, manage your fuel consumption and access driver-specific and fleet data.

Differentiator –Biometric: 

Increase your control over your fleet and add biometric (finger-print) driver authentication for live on-board time and attendance registration.

Differentiator –Engine: 

Equip your fleet vehicles with an engine protection unit and be instantly informed of all engine-related alerts, from excessive wear and tear to unreasonable temperatures.

All of the information gathered by these products is available to you through our easy-to-use WEB IQ software.

Combine any of the above solutions to ensure you have the right solution for your needs.

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