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  • GPS Tracking Solutions

    GPS Tracking Solutions is an industry leader in providing tailored fleet management solutions and offers revolutionary technologies, advanced support and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your fleet.

  • GPS Mobile Tracker

    GPS Tracking Solutions has a new addition to its family of products,
    it is extremely small and universal in the mobile tracker field.
    This GPS mobile device allows the user to track it live on the web IQ software.
    The user can set up four telephone numbers as well as a panic button on this device.

  • GPS Garmin Interfacing

    GPS Tracking Solutions has the ability to link up with a garmin unit. This giving the user the ability to schedule drivers on the most economical routes. User to driver communication directly through the garmin and web IQ software.

Speed Capping

Speed is the largest contributing factor in accidents; it impacts on the performance and fuel consumption of your vehicles, it leads to faster tyre erosion and engine deterioration resulting in higher maintenance costs, and ultimately managing traffic fines results in higher administration costs too.

But all of these costs can be avoided when using GPS Tracking Solutions’ speed capping technology.

What is speed capping?

GPS Tracking Solutions can cap the speed on any chosen vehicle in your fleet: passenger, light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles as well as vehicles used for passenger transport.

Working in much the same way as a vehicle limiter does, if one of your vehicles fitted with the speed capping technology exceeds the speed limit a buzzer will sound warning the driver of his or her transgression.

If the driver fails to decrease the vehicle’s speed within a specified time limit, the speed capping technology prevents further acceleration: instead the vehicle will slowly return to the allowed speed limit at which time full power will once again be available.

This solution also allows you to remotely change the speed limit, in real time, of any vehicles fitted with this technology.

Maximum speed capping

This option allows you to set the maximum speed of any vehicle fitted with speed capping technology is allow to travel at. We can even advise you on the optimal speed for each vehicle type based on its work requirements.

Zone speed capping solution

Unique to and provisionally patented by GPS Tracking Solutions, this solution allows you to set an automatic speed reduction that meets the speed limits applicable on any given road.

This means that in a 60 km/h zone, a vehicle will only be able to travel at a maximum speed of 60 km/h and on a national road, the vehicle will be able to travel at a maximum speed of 120 km/h, or at the maximum speed you choose to limit your vehicles to.

We also understand that unforeseen events happen and sometimes exceptions are necessary; that is why this solution allows for a remote activation, deactivation or amendment to the vehicle’s speed cap, all within 20 seconds.

How can speed and RPM capping save my business money?

Apart from the obvious savings on fines and the wear on engines, heat is a tyre’s primary enemy. Tyre wear will almost double at road speeds of over 115 km/h. So by reducing speed you can save up to 20% of your fleet’s costs on maintenance, repairs, tyre replacement, accidents and insurance costs.

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